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Monday, February 27, 2012

New Beads

My BFF Tijuana Buchanan has been here this weekend. We went to see Jimmy Buffett play Saturday night. AWESOME!!! It was a great concert. Tijuana's husband Joe has been making some glass beads. He sent a bunch of them down here for me to look at and make some jewelry with. The first thing Tijuana and I did was go through them to pick out the best. Then this evening I made her a bracelet. I put small silver beads between each glass beads. Finished with a simple toggle clasp it looks wonderful. I hope to make myself a bracelet soon.

This broken strand of garnet was brought to me to restring. I love the clasp on it. This is a stand that has been passed down in a family. These are so lovely. I will restring it tomorrow and take it back to the family it belongs to this week. I have so enjoyed looking at these little gems. But they must go back home to enhance the beauty of their owner.

Have a good week and stay pretty. Kathie

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