Friday, February 24, 2012


This old bracelet was given to me by a good friend, Dorothy Veil. She bought it at a garage sale and was going to make bolo ties for her husband. He wasn't crazy about the idea. So she gave it to me. I don't know what the stones are but they are gemstones. I believe the setting is a silver plate. It has not held up very well. It was strung on elastic which has worn out. The trim around the bezels are chain(you can see it better in the first photo). I haven't been able to tell how it was attached yet. I plan on taking the stones out of the bezels and redo the bracelet in sterling silver. I'll keep you updated as I work on the bracelet.

I started wire wrapping a shell tonight. I'll post pictures when I get it done. It was a "gift" from a company I purchase jewelry components from. At first I had no idea what to do with it. Then one day I could see it wire wrapped.

My BFF Tijuana Buchanan is coming for a long weekend tomorrow. Saturday night is the Jimmy Buffett concert. Fins up!

Stay beautiful. Kathie

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  1. I believe you can come up with some very nice pieces from that bracelet. Enjoy your trip to Margaritaville this weekend!