Monday, February 20, 2012

Some days it doesn't pay

Was sitting at my table working on a necklace today. Just a simple stringing project or so I thought. The crimp beads didn't hold. Cut the stringing material by mistake. Put it together a 3rd time and the crimps failed again. Time to put that project up. I did get out another project and arrange the beads. This is for the wife of a friend. These are beads made by her Mother 50 years ago or so. They look like an earthen clay and have a slightly rough texture to them. They are handcrafted and you can see her Mother's fingerprints in the beads.I think I have a pleasing arrangement. But since I had such a bad time with the last necklace, I will do the actual stringing tomorrow. These are beads I don't want to drop or they will break. I also have another string to fix for the same woman. It is a string of small garnet beads. They are very old according to my friend. They have such a rich red color to them. Can't wait till I get them restrung.

Need to work on a few things this week. My BFF Tijuana is coming in Friday. We are going to see Jimmy Buffett on Saturday night. I am so excited. I have always wanted to see Jimmy Buffett in person and sing along with him.

Till next time. Stay pretty!

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