Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Going slow

My intention was to post every few days. Ha, that didn't last long. So here I stand with good intentions again. Just finished a necklace using the spiral stitch, size 8 seed beads and some lentil beads. Have to charge up the battery of the camera and post a picture for you to look at.

Yesterday I taught a class to my quilting bee on beading on fabric. Several of the girls already bead on fabric, but there were lots of questions. One thing I did clear up for them was the type of thread to use. I am a believer in Fireline. Several of them were using plain sewing thread and kept losing beads after awhile. I also believe in Thread Heaven even for Fireline. It keeps thread from knotting up. And when it does knot up, the knots are easier to pick out.

I have instructions coming for how to add a focal bead to Kumihimo. I can hardly wait to get them and start on a new Kumihimo piece. So look for that in the coming month.

Here's to a new month and more postings.

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