Monday, March 22, 2010


My goal was to blog every few days. But an old computer with an upgrade to a new laptop and loss of a few url's I haven't blogged in awhile. Well, everything is "about" back to normal.

This past Sunday I took a class at Bead Biz in Helena, AL. It's really my favorite spot to hang out, bead and drink great coffee. The class was taught by Katie and was a spiral rope. I'm sometimes not the brightest crayon in the box, so I do best learning with size 8 seed beads. So I got the basics down and decided to branch out. Katie said something about lentils (a sort of flat small bead with a hole off set toward the edge) and using them on this technique. So I picked some lentils that matched some size 8's that I had and started working. After a few trial and error runs to get the pattern right, I was onto something. It is looking really good. As soon as I get the spiral rope finished I'll post a picture.

Otherwise I've been busy attending hearings for my disability clients. So I haven't had a lot of time to bead or sew or anything else.

Peace out. Kathie

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