Saturday, May 15, 2010

Show off

On Mother's day weekend, my Mother's church had an arts and crafts fair. I took my jewelry to sell. Well, I sold $10 worth. Man, talk about negative numbers. It cost me at least $70 in gas. But I was going there for Mother's day anyway.

Today I am in Greenville, MS at a facebook reunion. Several of us on Facebook that grew up/went to school together here decided to have a reunion. Last night was our first get together. It was a blast. Today at noon we have another great together at a local B&B. One of my classmates wanted to see my jewelry, so I'm going to take it. If anyone else wants to purchase some, I don't mind at all.

This past week I worked on doing Kumihimo bracelets with a focal bead. It was lots of fun, but I don't like the accent bead color. So I'm going to undo it next week and use a different color bead.

This past Thursday night I spoke at our local bead society meeting. I was the "member spotlight". It was lots of fun and I got lots of positive comments on my jewelry.

Tell next time, keep beading happy!

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