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Thursday, May 6, 2010

What happened

I wrote a new post a few days ago. But it has vanished from sight. One thing I talked about was teaching a class about beading on fabric to my quilt bee. Yes, I quilt too, mostly art quilts. It was a great class. Didn't know how well I'd do. But I gave a lot of information and got some good feedback. Some of the ladies have been beading on fabric. But they would use the item once or twice and the beads would start falling off. I discussed that the beads were glass and have sharp edges. So I suggested some different threads to use. I think everyone will be more pleased with their results in the future.

I finished doing the spiral robe necklace I started back in March. I used size 8 seed beads and some lentils. It turned out really cute. Once I get the battery in the camera charged up I'll post some picture.

Everyone have a good weekend and keep beading.

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